calendario Departure Area, first floor – McDonald's




calendario Departure Area, ground floor – Mokà cafè
A true Italian-style café featuring the quality of the Lavazza coffee blends, a wide range of both hot and refreshing beverages and a rich assortment of croissants and other sweet baked products, snacks and gastronomic specialties.




calendario Departure Area, ground floor – Briciole bar
Savoury baked goods, focaccias and gourmet sandwiches.




calendarioDeparture Area, ground floor – Pisa Airport Cafe’
Pisa airport caf
Oven-baked pizza, sandwiches, salads, cold and hot platters, coffees galore, drinks and a small market at the only airport eating place open from 4:30 AM to 0:30 AM to serve passengers on the first outgoing flights and the last arrivals. With a lovely garden for open air dining.




calendario Area Arrivi, piano terra – Al Volo


Al Volo, within the Arrivals area, offers a fast and quality dining option. A welcoming environment, a moment of relax just after landing, or while waiting for arriving passengers. Café, sweet and sour bakery, sandwiches, traditional paninis as well as Poké.
calendario Departure Area, first floor –'Gusto' Chef Express Self-Service Restaurant
A restaurant with a free-flow service formula designed to cater to the tastes of a travel clientele with hot and cold dishes at any time of day, for a pleasurable pause with typical local recipes and the great classics of Italian gastronomy. Main courses, entrées, grilled foods, fruit and vegetables, cold plates and desserts.




calendarioDeparture Area, first floor – Mastro Bistecca – Osteria Toscana (temporarily closed)
The atmosphere of the typical Tuscan ‘tavern’ and a great selection of prime meats, all grilled to perfection.




marker Gate Area, ground floor – Buoni & belli
Buoni e belli

Gourmet sandwiches, charcuterie platters and Savini truffle products, all accompanied by great red wines available by the glass.






marker Gate Area, ground floor – Briciole, Stortellini e Pizza Flor


 In this reastaurant you can find the Briciole coffee and sandwiches offering, as well as the tortellini-on-the-go by Stortellini and the super colorful Pizza Flor. 


marker Gate Area, first floor – Pro.Du.Co cafè & Beatiful Tuscany Shop

Coffee bar, wine bar and wine-and-gastronomy shop.




marker Car Rental Terminal - Bros Lounge Café


 bros logo

Café within the car rental terminal.