Priority Lane

calendario Departure Area, ground floor – Priority Lane
Priority Lane

Priority access through security

The Priority Lane service is officially working, by allowing passengers to jump the queues at security.
This service at the Pisa terminal provides a convenient option for passengers to access security and departures via a dedicated entrance, by showing their boarding pass and a valid access pass to the Priority Lane. The Priority Lane will considerably reduce queueing times and increase efficiency in managing the flow of passengers.
The Priority Lane service is available for all passengers travelling with participating airlines and can also be purchased inside the terminal at the Customer Service (General terms and conditions of use).

The sale of the Priority Lane service is subject to the following conditions: 
The price of the service for sale to the public is €12.00 per passenger at the Toscana Aeroporti ticket office. The service is free for children under 2 years old accompanied by a parent authorised to access the Priority Lane