The airport has a total of 33 check-in counters in two areas: in the Passenger Terminal (counters nos. 01 to 20) and in Building A adjacent to the terminal (counters nos. 30 to 42).

Both check-in areas are on the ground floor.


Check-in opening times vary from carrier to carrier and are normally noted on your ticket. The check-in counters usually open 2 to 2½ hours before scheduled departure time. If you do not already have your boarding pass, we recommend reporting to check-in two hours before your flight to complete all the necessary travel formalities. In normal circumstances, there is no need to report to check-in earlier than 3 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Web Check-in

Most airlines permit completing check-in online at their websites. We suggest consulting your airline’s website for more information.

Self Bag Drop

Some airline companies allow passengers to check their luggage autonomously and drop it through dedicated desks.